Star Wars: Revenant of the Old Republic

Episode II

Splinter of the Mind

A year has passed since the death of Sala Seth. In spite of the Alliance victory at Yavin, the Rebel Fleet remains on the run as it jumps from system to system in an effort to stay one step ahead of the Empire.

In an effort to draw out Rebel cells and sympathizers, a mysterious new commander has been performing orbital bombardments and terror attacks on innocent settlements across the Outer Rim Territories. Commander Terix and his Death Commandos leave only loss in their wake. Those who were once willing to support the Alliance are being brought to heel with fire and slaughter.

Admiral Ackbar, commander of the Rebel Fleet, has assembled a special strike team to investigate Commander Terix and put an end to his pacification efforts before the Alliance crumbles and is unable to continue the fight for galactic freedom…



jspahn1978 jspahn1978

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