Star Wars: Revenant of the Old Republic

The galaxy is torn apart by Galactic Civil War. The tyrannical Empire crushes countless star systems under a white armored boot of oppression. Legions of stormtroopers enforce the will of Emperor Palpatine at the end of a blaster. Fear rules the galaxy.

But a brave band of freedom fighters known as the Rebel Alliance struggles to restore freedom to countless star systems. From a hidden base one of these secret rebel outposts makes hit-and-run strikes against Imperial strongholds.

Surviving on second-hand supplies and stolen resources, the Rebellion needs every blaster, bandage, and comlink they can get to keep up the fight. One of these strike teams has been tasked with recovering a large stock of stolen weapons being sold on the black market by a spritely young burglar. But when they discover they’ve purchased more than they bargained for, the entire galaxy will be thrown into turmoil.

An Imperial Moff, bent on victory at all costs.
A merciless killer, his mind twisted by war.
A team of bounty hunters, sworn to avenge the the stain upon their honor.
A vile gangster, looking to establish his empire of crime.
An overwhelmed rebellion, barely surviving by a thread.

All of them are haunted by the Revenant of the Old Republic.

Star Wars: Revenant of the Old Republic

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